19 Hottest Whisky Gifts this 2021: The SMPH Holiday Gift Guide

Ho, ho, ho! Your whisky Santa is here just in time for the holidays. If you have been thinking about the perfect gifts to give your whisky lover friends and family or deciding what to get yourself for a job well done, we have the perfect holiday gift ideas for you!

Hop on the SMPH Sleigh because we’re about to take you to the ultimate whisky holiday shopping ride:

1. Johnnie Walker Holiday Gift Bundles

We have the best gifts for your Johnnie Walker lover friends!

No need to think of anything else, Johnnie Walker has already curated the best gifts this festive season. From festive designs to exciting additional freebies, these gift sets will surely be a hit this holiday!

What we love about Johnnie Walker Holiday Gift Set:

✔️ Cool and unique designs

✔️ Perfect Gift for Johnnie Walker Lovers

✔️ Easy giveaway for parties

Click here to shop Johnnie Walker Holiday Gift Sets


2. Sodarizer Soda Maker Kit

Want to make your own cocktails & highballs at the comfort of your own home? With the Sodarizer, you can carbonate any drink… not just water.

What we love about the Sodarizer:

✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Perfect for Parties

✔️ Comes with a reusable bottle

Click here to shop the Sodarizer


3. SMPH Whisky Gift Cards

Don’t know what whisky your friends like? Gift them the freedom of choice! With the SMPH Gift Cards, you can choose from 500 to 10,000 peso vouchers so your loved one can go on a whisky shopping spree.

What we love about the SMPH Gift Cards:

✔️ Can be given to anyone

✔️ Perfect for the Holidays

✔️ Easy to purchase

Click here to shop SMPH Gift Cards


4. Japanese Golden Blends

Japanese whisky is always a great go-to gift for your whisky expert friends. Because who doesn’t like Japanese whisky?! We have a wide selection depending on your budget. All you have to do is check out!

What we love about Japanese Whisky Bottles:

✔️ Great gift for whisky connoiseurs

✔️ Wide selections

✔️ Unique and special

Click here to shop Japanese Whiskies


5. Drambox Miniature Tasting Sets 

First up are these tasting sets that revolutionized the 2021 whisky experience!

In partnership with DramboxPh, these sets are such a  Unique Gift to give.  It’s perfect for your friends and family members that like to taste different whiskies. Don’t worry about not being an expert taster as it comes with tasting notes and descriptions of each whisky.

What we love about Drambox Miniature Tasting Sets:

✔️ Best way to try uncharted whiskies

✔️ Great to collect as souvenirs

✔️ Educational facts about whisky

Click here to shop Drambox Miniature Tasting Sets


6. Chivas Regal 18 Year Old with 2 Glasses

Gift the best people in your life some fancy Chivas Regal 18… And oh, let’s add some glasses there too. This year, save up by buying this Chivas Regal 18 bundle. For a discounted price you get to have 3 Chivas Regal 18 bundles with two glasses each.

That’s already 3 people to cross off from your holiday gift list.

What we love about Chivas Regal 18 Year Old with 2 Glasses:

✔️ 2 Free Limited Edition Chivas Glasses

✔️ Perfect gift for Chivas enthusiasts

✔️ Cool festive box design for the collection

Click here to shop the Chivas Regal 18 with glasses bundle


7. Macallan Quest with FREE Backpack

If you have a bit of a budget for gifts, then a Macallan can never go wrong! In fact, we have a great bundle that will surely put a smile on anyone who will receive it.

Get 2 1L Macallan quests and you can also have a Macallan backpack with it!

What we love about Macallan Quest Free Backpack:

✔️ Free Macallan Backpack

✔️ Carefully distilled at The Macallan Distillery

✔️ Adored for its spicy, toffee, woody, and citrus zest flavor notes.

Click here to shop Macallan Quest Bundle


8. Kronig Shaker

Shake things up with your own cocktail, coffee, other beverage creations with the only shaker you will ever need!

Krönig Shaker is made from food-grade 201 steel which ensures additional impact resistance and increased resistance to cold temperatures. It also comes with a lid that doubles as a measuring

What we love about Kronig Shaker:

✔️ Perfect for mixing cocktails, juice drinks, iced coffee, etc.

✔️ Very handy and portable

✔️ High quality steel

Click here to get your own Kronig


9. Naked Grouse Cocktail Kit

Who doesn’t love cocktails?

This holiday season, a cocktail kit is definitely a NEED. So why not send it as a gift?

The Naked Grouse Cocktail kit contains:

– 1 Naked Grouse 70cl
– 1 Naked Grouse Miniature (50ml)
– 1 Fever Tree Ginger Ale (200ml)
– Naked Grouse Cocktail Card
– gift box

Click here to shop the Naked Grouse Cocktail Set


10. Phigolf WGT Edition Golf Simulator

Here’s the truth: Alot of whisky lovers also enjoy a nice round of golf.. which is why we’re adding this bad boy to our holiday gift guide.

PhiGolf was developed to allow you to golf at home without having to spend thousands of dollars compared to other simulators. It is designed to be used anytime and anywhere.

It’s a full fledged golf simulator that offers you the ability to play a full round of golf using the swing stick or your real golf club. It makes practicing your swing fun!

What we love about Phigolf:

✔️ You can play anywhere

✔️ Unique Gift

✔️ Meet new people

Click here to shop Phigolf


11. The SMPH Silicone Ice Ball Mold

Presenting a tool that will make any of your drinks more luxurious, the Silicone Ice Ball Mold. High-end bars have been utilizing these for years now.. and for good reason!

Due to the larger and smoother surface, Ice balls melt significantly slower than ice cubes and it prevents your drink from getting watered down.

Silicone is the best material for making ice balls since they are safe, FDA approved, and won’t transfer any unnecessary flavor to your ice.

What we love about SMPH Silicone Ice Ball Mold:

✔️ Melts slowly to make your drinks stay cold longer

✔️ Tight-fitting lid that seals out odors

✔️ Made with Food Grade Silicone

Click here to Shop the Silicone Ice Ball Mold


12. Glenrothes 12 year old

The famous Glenrothes bottle design doesn’t need any explanation… It’s going to be an awesome gift!

Aside from that, you’re in for a treat because this whisky is one of a kind.

The Glenrothes House style is known for the wonderful balance of many sherry seasoned casks that gives a smooth and lasting sweetness… And all of this can be experienced from a The Glenrothes 12 year old bottle!

What we love about The Glenrothes 12 Year Old:

✔️ Pleasantly fruity tones

✔️ Goes well with pre-dinner savories like cheese, nuts, and salami.

✔️ Light, easy-going, not terribly complex but certainly enjoyable.

Click here to get the Glenrothes 12 year old


13. Sagamore Spirits Rye Double Oak 70cl + 1 Free Rocks Glass

Give the gift of new whisky experiences this holiday season. If your loved ones are Bourbon fans and haven’t tried Rye whisky, this is the best bottle to give them.

Sagamore Spirit is not your average Rye and they’ve dedicated their focus on their craft.

Sagamore’s rye whiskey is relatively sweet (thanks to notes of nutmeg and vanilla bean) while being easier to drink.

It’s a great entry point for those who are normally intimidated by Rye. Bourbon fans will love it.

What we love about Sagamore Spirits Rye Double Oak:

✔️ Free Rocks glass

✔️ Sweet and easy to drink

✔️ Award-winning spirit brand

Click here to get the Sagamore Double Oak


14. Kavalan Classic Single Malt Whisky 70cl w/ Free Glass and Kingcar Miniature

Want to impress or give an amazing gift to someone special? Be fancy and thoughtful with the Kavalan Classic Single Malt!

Kavalan whisky bottles from Taiwan have been rocking the whisky world by storm and it’s only fitting for every whisky lover to have at least one Kavalan bottle on their shelf.

This one, in particular, is going to be a great gift because of its packaging and two more freebies!

What we love about Kavalan Classic Single Malt:

✔️ Free glass and miniature

✔️ High quality Single Malt

✔️ Amazing packaging

Click here to get the Kavalan Classic Single Malt


15. Cragganmore 12 Year Old 70cl with Gift Bag & Note Card

Wanna know a secret? Some of our team members’ go-to gifts are the Diageo Rare and Exceptional Bottles.

Why? These whiskies, as we said, are exceptional, and the prices are definitely worth it.

One team favorite is the Cragganmore 12 year old which is not only great to drink but comes ready to gift too!

What we love about Cragganmore 12 year old:

✔️ Free gift bag and note card

✔️ Exceptional Single Malt

✔️ Amazing packaging

Click here to get the Cragganmore 12 Year Old 70cl with Gift Bag & Note Card

16. Whisky Glasses

Every whisky fan has his own collection of glasses.. and if you’re just starting on your whisky journey, make sure you have at least a couple of Glencairn Glasses so you can maximize the flavors and aroma of the whisky.

Our special recommendation is The Urban Bar Blind Tasting glass because every whisky advocate needs a proper blind tasting glass and this would be a perfect addition to your collection.

What we love about Whisky Glasses:

✔️ Wide range of selection

✔️ Maximize the flavors and aroma of the whisky

✔️ High quality

Click here to shop Special Whisky Glasses


17. Holiday Gift Bottles

What better gift is there other than whisky? Make sure you spread the joy brought about by these amazing drams by giving someone a special Whisky Gift Set today.

We have tons of special gift sets that include must-have bottles that will surely be the talk of the town.

What we love about Holiday Gift Bundles:

✔️ Easy no-brainer pick for the rush buyer

✔️ Perfect for Christmas giveaways

Click here to shop Whisky Gift Sets Now


18. Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla 1L with Gift Bag & Note Card

Do you have friends who don’t like whisky? Maybe they’ll like this instead! Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla Distilled Gin is here to make everybody’s holidays more cheerful. This bottle comes with a gift card and note card that your friends will definitely enjoy.

What we love about The Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla:

✔️ Looks amazing

✔️ Designed for the Holiday Cheer

✔️ High quality

Click here to shop The Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla

19. That Boutique-y Whiskey Company 12 Day Advent Set

Christmas is here and it’s time for a dozen days of drams! Each one delicious-y and diverse, everything a whisky lover could want for Christmas! Behind each door is a dram fine choice to help you count down to Christmas.

What we love about

That Boutique-y Whiskey Company 12 Day Advent Set:

✔️ 12 different, handmade 30ml wax-sealed drams

✔️ Explore whiskies from across the world

✔️ Sample Scotch whiskies, American offerings and more

Click here to shop That Boutique-y Whiskey Company 12 Day Advent Set

Pretty amazing gift ideas, right? And you know what’s the best thing about them? You won’t need to get out of the house to get them! Just simply check out and we’ll send your gifts for you. Happy holidays!

Riza Maria

Riza is SMPH's resident content writer and whisky researcher. For the past three years, she has been learning from SMPH Whisky Experts as well as from Master Blenders around the world. Her writing intends to share amazing whisky knowledge + experiences with Singlemalt fans and the like. e-mail: riza@leads.ph

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