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Riza is SMPH's resident content writer and whisky researcher. For the past three years, she has been learning from SMPH Whisky Experts as well as from Master Blenders around the world. Her writing intends to share amazing whisky knowledge + experiences with Singlemalt fans and the like. e-mail: riza@leads.ph

Singleton: A Product of History and Passion

  Award-winning and loved by many whisky experts all over the world. Have you ever wondered how Singleton started?   Last of Seven Distilleries It first started in 1897 at the edge of the River Fiddich. It is the last of seven distilleries founded in Dufftown, Glendullan, and was the brainchild of Aberdeen blenders by the name […]

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Remy Martin: A Proud Heritage

Remy Martin is a big global brand that has been racking up awards and nods for decades now because of its luxury cognacs. But have you ever wondered how this spirits giant started? Remy and a Dream It first started with the big dreams of a young wine grower named Remy Martin who wanted to […]

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Teeling: The First Ever Dublin Distillery

“With one eye on the past, but looking to the future, we’re the new generation of Dublin distillers. We approach our craft with a respect for generations passed but with the confidence to forge the next chapter of Irish, Dublin and Teeling Whiskey” – Stephen Teeling, Whiskey Pioneer   Breaking Norms Since 1782 The Teeling […]

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Cheers to Royalty: The First Luxury Whisky In the World?

People often associate whisky with pleasure and luxury. However, for some, certain whisky brands are more worth splurging than others. Have you ever wondered which whisky bottles are considered luxurious? Well, we might not know the exact bottles but we sure know which ones are the first. The world’s first luxury whisky took the world […]

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Aberfeldy: The Golden Dram

Known as “The Golden Dram” all over the world, Aberfeldy Single Malt Scotch Whisky has come a long way. But before we talk about Aberfeldy, it’s important that we take you back to 1846. From the man that started it all. John Dewar: The Man that Started it All John Dewar started the Dewars blend […]

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