Johnnie Walker Blue Philippine Artist Edition: Liwanag by Anna Bautista –

Johnnie Walker Blue Philippine Artist Edition: Liwanag by Anna Bautista

Heads up, Johnnie Walker fans!

One of our favorite whisky brands just launched an exciting new collaboration.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Philippine Artist Edition is now available all over the country and of course, on Singlemalt  Ph.

This exciting new bottle has a unique design by Anna Bautista, a Manila-based visual artist whose works have been making waves in the industry.

Inspired by the Philippine National Dance Pandanggo sa Ilaw, the artwork entitled “Liwanag” is a front and center tribute to our Filipino heritage & festivities through dance, which the piece views as a representation of interconnectedness and hope amidst hard times, with the help of those dear to us.

Artist Anna Bautista parallels this to the Filipino experience as of late: all of us actively making choices that can bring everyone, not just ourselves, a better tomorrow.

In the artwork Liwanag, Bautista intertwines the national dance’s visual elements with the complex flavor profile of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The painting on the bottle mirrors this complexity with our country’s finest flaura, from our thick mango trees to our fragrant gumamelas, symbolizing the rich and floral notes of the whisky. It also honors our natural ingenuity, symbolized by the Philipine Eagle.

Pandanggo sa Ilaw is definitely a great choice of concept, especially when you know that the meaning behind it is the interconnectedness and hope among us during hard times.

As complex as the Pandanggo dance, it has parallelism to the complexity of Johnnie Walker Blue’s flavor profile which definitely makes this bottle exceptional.

And oh, we love that the Philippine Eagle is on the bottle too!



It was definitely a genius idea to feature Philippine Artists’ works on Johnnie Walker bottles and it is definitely a pleasure to have Anna Bautista’s work on your collector’s shelf.

May this great collaboration fuel more projects like this that can combine our love for whisky and Philippine art.

Padayon, mga artista ng bayan!

Riza Calugay

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