Singleton: A Product of History and Passion –

Singleton: A Product of History and Passion


Award-winning and loved by many whisky experts all over the world.

Have you ever wondered how Singleton started?


Last of Seven Distilleries

It first started in 1897 at the edge of the River Fiddich.

It is the last of seven distilleries founded in Dufftown, Glendullan, and was the brainchild of Aberdeen blenders by the name of William Williams and sons.


Drops of History

Before being made publicly enjoyed by us, the distillery went through tons of historic moments including being closed in 1940 due to war shortages. Thankfully, it re-opened again and pushed through lots of changes when it comes to its processes.


The Future of Whisky-Making

As the technology for making whisky and the environment evolved, the distillery adapted while maintaining its high quality. Fast forward to recent times, they now have a state-of-the-art biodiversity plant and we all get to enjoy great Singleton expressions!


If you’ve been wanting to try Singleton but can’t decide which bottle to buy, we have a few recommendations for you!


Singleton 12 Year Old

If you haven’t tried Singleton bottles, then getting the Singleton 12-year-old is the perfect way to start getting to know their complex flavors that are known all over the world.

To the nose, it is incredibly appealing with its smooth scents of polished wood and nuts in the beginning which later transform into tones of apples, dates, and brown sugar. The aroma resembles that of a licorice stick.

To the tongue, it comes across as sweet, with crunchy nuts and smooth fruity richness balanced by the sweetness of blackcurrant fruit, brown sugar, and espresso coffee.

All the nuanced flavors and aromas give a medium to a long finish with lingering delayed warmth which is drying and crisp.

Get it Here


Singleton 15 Year Old

Looking for something fancier?

If you’re looking for a:

– Speyside Single Malt
– Easy-to-drink classic
– Highly-awarded bottle

The Singleton 15 will give you sweet, spicy, and fruity flavors derived from its special aging in European and American oak casks.

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Singleton 21 Year Old

Here’s an exquisite bottle to add to your whisky collection!

One of Extraordinaire Master Blender Maureen Robinson’s masterpieces, The Singleton 21-year-old was made using Singleton’s ‘Trinity Cask Harmony’ process.

This amazing bottle unites three different cask styles: Oloroso seasoned Pedro-Ximenez casks and ex-bourbon casks are hand-selected from the Dufftown archives and the single malt is married in European Oak casks.

Get it here


It’s time to step out of your comfort zones when it comes to trying different whiskies. And with Singleton, we’re sure you’ll have an incredible whisky tasting experience!

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