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What’s The # 1 Best Selling Blended Scotch in the World?

Let’s cut to the chase.. the best-selling scotch in the world and probably the most iconic and popular bottle for whisky enthusiasts and the non-drinkers alike is a brand that almost every one of us has heard about..

It’s Johnnie Walker!

Whenever you hear Johnnie Walker, you automatically picture the famous black label bottle with the walking man wearing a top hat.. But who exactly is Johnnie Walker? What started this amazing whisky Legacy?


Humble and Genius Beginnings

It all runs back to 1820 when John Walker himself, a son of a farmer, saw the opportunity to open a grocer.

He sold single malts in the grocer but was never fully quite satisfied with the drams.. So he blended them himself and came up with the famous blend that the world knows today.


A Legacy Continued by Great Minds

When John passed away in 1857, he left his son, Alexander, to run the already successful business.. and the rest was history.

To sum up their brand story: it’s scotch and business genius passed down from one generation to another.. And is now being run by the greatest minds not just in the whisky industry but in the field of marketing and business too.

The secret to their success? A talent for entrepreneurship and whisky blending that has been passed down from generation to generation.


You might even already have Johnnie Walker favorite bottles but if you still want to explore more, here are some of our experts’ recommendations for the year 2022:


Johnnie Walker Icons

Last year, Johnnie Walker celebrated their 200th year and they released Icon bottles specifically to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

The Icon bottles are sought after by whisky collectors and lovers all over the world up to this day.. and of course, we don’t want you guys to miss these:


Johnnie Walker Black Label Icon

The Johnnie Walker Black Label Icon with a sleek all-black packaging will give you a rich, complex, and incredibly well-balanced blend, full of dark fruits, sweet vanilla, and a signature smokiness.


Johnnie Walker Gold Label Icon

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Icon, a crowd favorite will give you a luxurious burst of delicate nectar and gentle smokiness that develops into sweet fruits and deeper, velvety, honeyed tones before giving way to sublime, lingering whispers of smoke and oakiness in the finish.


Johnnie Walker Red Label Icon

The very trendy Johnnie Walker Red Label Icon will give you a refreshing fruity sweetness, like fresh apple or pear and a mellow bed of vanilla, before the Johnnie Walker signature of a long, lingering, smoky finish.


Johnnie Walker Blue Label Lunar New Year Edition

This 2022 Lunar New Year, Johnnie Walker worked with Chinese artist Shan Jiang to create Limited Edition Year of the Tiger designs.

Containing the award-winning JW Blue Label, these limited edition bottles have intricately designed illustrations that are the perfect companion for your prosperous year ahead.


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