Dewar’s: The Most Awarded Blended Scotch in the World –

Dewar’s: The Most Awarded Blended Scotch in the World

When we say Blended Whisky, we’re talking about bottles that were made from a mixture of 2 or more whiskies. In a more technical explanation, these are bottles that are from a combination of different malt and grain whiskies.

For a great blended whisky experience, let’s tap into the most awarded blended scotch whisky in the world: Dewar’s.

Known for its exceptional blends and exquisite bottles, Dewar’s has earned its reputation around the globe to whisky experts, beginners, and aficionados.

The secret to their success? Nothing but quality whiskies to blend using their special processes. 

Blended Excellence Since 1846

 The Dewar’s Brand is a staple and household name when it comes to whisky. And this success? It has been built in 1846 by John Dewar himself.

John Dewar started the Dewars blend from his humble wine shop and started buying whiskies from small distilleries to turn into the now-famous Dewars whisky. Why did he start making the Dewar’s brand? Because he wasn’t satisfied with the drams that are being supplied to his wine shop.

Tommy Dewar: Born Salesman and the Golden Extrovert

After his success on the Dewar’s brand, John passed away in 1880 and left his son Johnny and Tommy to run the business. Johnny took over the blending process while 16-year-old Tommy went to London to spread the word and market the Dewars blend.  

With Tommy being a phenomenal salesman and the golden extrovert between the two brothers, he carried on a trip to spread the word about Dewar’s.

After two years, Tommy successfully launched the Dewars blend in London and got recognition from Queen Victoria herself…This made him decide to continue becoming a traveling salesman and travel all over the world.

A mixture of skill, perseverance, and a great eye for marketing fueled the success of the brand that we all love and know today.

Not sure which Dewar’s bottle to try first? Our resident experts have a couple of great suggestions for you!

The Ancestor: Dewar’s 12 Year Old

Photo by: Ape to Gentleman

The Dewar’s 12-year-old, also known as “The Ancestor” was blended by John Dewar and Sons in Scotland. This blended whisky is a result of over 40 different types of malt and grain whiskies that were matched together by their master blender. Most of its malt content comes from Aberfeldy which is a distillery established by Dewar’s in 1896.

Considered as “double aged”, this whisky spends an extra six months more after being mixed together in their barrels to marry the blend perfectly.

The essence and taste that comes with its dark gold color are composed of honey, some fruits, vanilla, butter, a little bit of spiciness, and oak among many others.


For any whisky lover: Dewar’s 15 Year Old

Photo by: Gregor Heine of Whisky Tastings

The Dewar’s 15 year old was blended by the John Dewar and Sons Master Blender in Scotland, specifically for the Asian palate.

Boasting of its double-aged refined finish, this scotch whisky gives you essences of honey, rich fruit, and oak among many others.

With hints of floral and oak, it will give you a creamy and soft palate experience that is fit for a whisky lover’s taste.


A Smooth Masterpiece: Dewar’s 18 Year Old

The Dewar’s 18 year old is the famous double-aged blended whisky by John Dewar and Sons in Scotland. Their blended whisky is a result of over 40 different types of malt and grain whiskies that were matched together by their master blender. Most of its malt content comes from Aberfeldy which is a distillery established by Dewar’s in 1896.

After the 18-year maturation process, this bottle gets refilled in vats for an extended “marrying period” that gives the whisky an extra smooth finish.

The essence and taste that comes with it is a wonderful array of honey, oak, oats, marzipan, almonds, sweet butterscotch, hay, grass, and a silky smooth biscuit finish.


The Newest Talk of the Town: Dewar’s Illegal Smooth

Photo by: Juan Patino for Dewar’s

Are you ready to experience one of the most interesting blended whiskies that you’ll ever drink?

For the first time in the Philippines, we recently launched Dewar’s Illegal Smooth Mezcal Finish on SMPH.

What’s so illegal about it?! Well, you’ve heard of Bourbon, Oak, Wine, and other whisky finishes but this will be the first time for Mezcal!

The thing is, just recently, governing bodies amended existing whisky laws to allow more flexible rules in terms of barrel finishes… And Dewar’s was one of the first to test these waters.


These are just a few of the great bottles that Dewar’s has to offer.

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