Pinoy Food Whisky Pairings –

Pinoy Food Whisky Pairings

True or False: Us Filipinos LOVE to eat. And we all know how true this is! So for today’s blog, we partnered with our whisky experts, along with our resident food expert Kris Ong to come up with delectable whisky and food pairings to make your whisky sessions even better.

And of course, in the true spirit of bringing the world of whisky to the Philippines, we’ve come up with whisky and Filipino food pairings! But first, let’s have a run-through on the basics of food and whisky pairing.

Basics of Pairing Whisky with Food

Pairing whisky with food is not yet done widely. We get it, the finest spirits are great taken neat and by itself. However, there has been a growing popularity of pairing whisky with food due to the great melody of flavors that come from both.

As a rule of thumb and to keep things really simple, we can categorize whiskies into light, medium, and full-bodied so we can pair them with dishes that will complement them.

For light whiskies they are better paired with something spicy and with our favorite seafood

For medium-bodied whiskies they will go well with our well-loved meat dishes

And lastly, for full-bodied and strong whiskies, they are equally tasty when paired with dishes that are high in fat.

So.. let’s start with these great combinations!

Oysters Kilawin with Highland Park 10

Highland Park 10 is known for its light smoke and ginger sea salt aromas which is why it is best paired with some Oysters Kilawin.

Pairing the HP 10 with Kilawin will bring out amazing ocean flavors from our great Philippine waters while making you appreciate some light whisky and a little bit of peat.

Lechon with Macallan 12

Ooooh the beloved Lechon. Of course, we will be pairing a crowd favorite with it as well.

The Macallan 12 Triple Cask Fine Oak, known for its “light and vibrant” characteristics will definitely go well with the well-marinated layers of soft Lechon meat and its crispy skin.

The succulent meat will be harmonious with essences and tastes of citrus and vanilla with a fruity finish.

Chicken Adobo with Jameson

Arguably the Pambansang Ulam, Adobo is best enjoyed with tons of rice.. but why not pair it up with whisky for a change?

Chicken Adobo is the right amount of savory and the soft chicken meat is definitely nice to go with some Jameson Irish Whiskey.

As a medium and well-balanced whiskey, this pair will give you an array of salty and savory experience, especially with the sweet Madeira essences, fruity vanilla flavor, and the sweet and spicy finish of the Jameson bottle.

Kapampangan Sisig with Ardbeg 10

One of our favorite Pulutan dishes, the proudly Kapampangan Sisig is a hearty, well-flavored, and putok batok dish favorites.

And with that being said, it deserves an equally strong combination flavors from the Ardbeg 10 year old.

Bursting with lemon, lime, pepper pops, and cinnamon-spiced coffee among many others, the Ardbeg 10 year old can easily be considered a “classic whisky” that experts love for being heavily-peated and smokey.

Just imagine the night you’re gonna have with this Arbeg-Sisig combo!

Queso de Bola with Glenfarclas 12

Since we posted this just in time for the holidays, let’s include one of the stars of the Noche Buena, our beloved Queso de Bola!

Cheese and whisky are both aged to perfection which is why they make such a good pair. For the Queso de Bola, the Glenfarclas 12 presents to be a great match.

Just like on  a fancy grazing table, the sherry and honey characteristics of the Glenfarclas 12 will go well with the creaminess and strong flavors of the Queso de Bola.

Isaw with Big Peat

Our cool street food favorite, one that reminds us of our childhood, Isaw is such a great food to pair with whisky.

We eat it as a pulutan dish.. why not pair it with the Douglas Laing Big Peat Small Batch Whisky. The flavors from Islay Distilleries like the Ardbeg, Bowmore, Caol Ila and Port Ellen Distilleries will go well with the smoky and meaty perfection that Isaw has to offer.

Is your mouth watering already? Because we are! Time to order your food and grab these whiskies. Have a great time!

Riza Maria

Riza is SMPH's Marketing Manager and an esteemed whisky enthusiast. With a passion for the art of whisky-making, she has spent years honing her expertise alongside SMPH's Whisky Experts and Master Blenders worldwide. Her insightful writing aims to impart incredible whisky knowledge and share unforgettable experiences with fellow whisky and spirits enthusiasts. For inquiries and whisky discussions, feel free to reach out to Riza at

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