Cheers to Royalty: The First Luxury Whisky In the World?

People often associate whisky with pleasure and luxury. However, for some, certain whisky brands are more worth splurging than others.

Have you ever wondered which whisky bottles are considered luxurious? Well, we might not know the exact bottles but we sure know which ones are the first.

The world’s first luxury whisky took the world by storm in  1909. A successful blend under the legendary brand: Chivas Regal.

Of Brotherhood and Humble Beginnings

It all started out in the 19th century at an Aberdeen emporium when James Chivas experimented with mixing spirits.

James experimented with all things whisky and was later on joined by his brother John. With the perfect blend of two brothers, the Chivas Brand began.

Little did James and John know that their tradition of ageing whiskies will make waves all over the world.

The Chivas Rise to Fame

Blending whiskies in their cellar beneath the emporium, their clientele grew more and more every single day.

And as their clientele grew, the patrons became more and more demanding.

Who can blame them? James’ blends are smooth, rich, and exquisite.. and he keeps giving them elevated blends than the first ones.

Legend has it that no matter what you’re looking for, the Chivas brothers are going to find it, and if they don’t find it, they’ll make it for you.


Luxury, Royalty, and All Good Things

As the popularity of the blends grew, it was inevitable that the brand will have a worldwide reach.

The fine luxury products that the Chivas brothers sold spread like wildfire and they had orders coming from all over the world.

And in 1843, James Chivas received his first Royal Warrant serving Queen Victoria at her Balmoral countryside retreat.

This Royal approval ensured that Chivas Brothers had the perfect foundation to realize their ambition.. and that is to become a Luxury Brand known throughout the world.

With this success, the brothers made sure to share it with the world by doing charity work and helping others to the best of their abilities.


A Household Name Loved by Whisky Experts

In 1909, Master Blender Charles Howard and Alexander Smith created a 25-year-old blend that became the world’s first luxury whisky.

This bottle is the perfect tribute to the Chivas Brothers’ legacy.

Chivas Regal burst onto the world stage, came back after Prohibition, and is now the luxury brand that is stronger than ever.

In fact, Chivas has become such a name attached to luxury and Royalty that some people coined the term “The Chivas Effect” for when goods are portrayed as luxury even knowing just the brand.

Pretty amazing story, right?

Well, that’s Chivas for you. And with this, every sip of Chivas blends should remind us of all the good things in life.

Talk about a truly luxurious brand.


Need some help with picking your next Chivas bottle?


Here are some highly recommended bottles from our resident whisky experts:


Chivas Mizunara

The Chivas Mizunara is a limited edition bottle from Chivas Regal.

It was originally designed by Master Distiller Colin Scott as a tribute to Japanese whisky drinkers and makers.

A combination of Chivas Regal and Japanese oaks? We’re totally down for that.


Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask

If you mature whisky in tequila casks.. would it taste like tequila?!

We’re not gonna leave you hanging with this question because the masters at Chivas already figured out the answer with the Chivas Extra 13 Tequila Cask:

Selectively finishing a part of the Chivas Scotch blend in tequila barrels doesn’t result in a tequila flavored whisky; Instead, it intensifies the smooth notes of the blend for a heightened taste exploration.


A Classic: The Chivas Regal 12 Year Old

Nothing beats a classic Chivas 12 year old.

This wonderful bottle is a blend of many different malt and grain Scotch whiskies, matured for at least 12 years. Its rich, smooth blend balances style with substance and tradition with a modern twist.


..and the list doesn’t stop here! We have a wide selection of Chivas Regal bottles that will surely cater to your expensive taste buds. Just click here.



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