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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Sit Down With Jim Murray is Up For Grabs!


As Whisky enthusiants, we tend to share the same motto of “Filling our lives with lots of experiences…” hence, we have learned to appreciate a good dram.

Well in about 2 weeks from now, Whisky Live Manila is coming to town and for the majority of us it’ll be our first time attending a whisky event of this magnitude. We are grateful to the organizers of Whisky Live Manila who are working extensively hard to make this happen. Rest assure that they have thoroughly arranged a lineup of industry heavy-hitters to both educate and entertain us for two days.

Above all, you my friend have a chance to take part of history and to fulfill one of the rarest feats of any whisky-lover’s bucket list. To taste something so extraordinary, so special, that you can repeat this story amongst your friends and they would’nt mind.

So what is this once in a lifetime opportunity?

It’s no secret anymore that Jim Murray will be gracing our country with his presence this October’s end. You may already be wondering “Hey, can I take a selfie with him?”, “Can I get my Whisky Bible signed?”, “Can I give him a hug?”

Unfortuntately, the answer to those questions is most probably no.
In fact, you may not even get to see him at all. How sad. 🙁

But you are in luck my friend. I’m not a fan of sad stories either so I’m going to restore hope and fill you in this exclusive deal and you better act fast because this offer is up for grabs and has very limited slots. Once sold out, you’d have to fly to Europe to see Mr. Murray.

Now let’s cut to the chase.

Jim Murray will be holding a one of a kind blind tasting with a lineup of whiskies from his own personal collection. He will be revealing them only during the session but on top of that, he’ll entertain you and your fellow classmates for an hour with his storytelling or you can blast away at him with questions.

This masterclass itself is priced on the WhiskyLive.Ph page at P5,000 and many have already bought. Keep in mind that there are only 50 slots for this class per day.

But thanks to the generosity of the organizers, we the admins of the Whisky Society of Manila have worked out a fantastic promo for our members. We’ve secured some slots for you and even sweetened the deal.

If you purchase your Jim Murray masterclass (P5,000 value) from the Whisky Society, we’ll throw in a FREE one day pass (P2,500 value) for the Whisky Live event so that you wouldn’t have to buy a separate entrance ticket!

So please act fast and reserve your slot. First paid first served rules apply. If you have any questions you may send me a PM or type below.

See you!

P.S. This will probably be Jim Murray’s first and only visit here in Manila.

Q: What if I already bought my ticket?
A: You can now go both days. 🙂 or you can give (or sell) the free ticket to a friend.

To reserve a slot please contact Erik at 0906-512-9418

The SingleMalt Team

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