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Welcome to The Whisky Society of Manila

I can still recall the first bottle of single malt whisky that I have ever purchased – A Glenlivet 12, from Resorts World Manila’s Bar 360 which took place over 5 years ago. To be honest, I had no clue to what single malt whisky is and couldn’t differentiate between whisky and vodka aside from […]

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Bourbon for beginners

Scotch is the most consumed whisky in Asia (excluding India) and quite possibly will be dominant whisk(e)y for a long time. However, the past few years has seen the emergence of Bourbon penetrating the Asian markets and most notably in Japan. Note that I’m strictly speaking about Bourbon whiskey here and some may think that […]

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Whisky sold in plastic bottles

I happened to stumble upon this picture online today and it bothered me a bit. I was thinking why would any company SELL whisky in a plastic bottle? Likewise, why would anybody BUY whisky from a plastic bottle? First of all, packaging whisky in a plastic bottle is tacky and is not generally attractive to […]

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