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Welcome to The Whisky Society of Manila


I can still recall the first bottle of single malt whisky that I have ever purchased – A Glenlivet 12, from Resorts World Manila’s Bar 360 which took place over 5 years ago. To be honest, I had no clue to what single malt whisky is and couldn’t differentiate between whisky and vodka aside from the most obvious color disparity. So in that particular night, what made me choose the Glenlivet over my usual Johnnie Black? Well whatever it was, I consider it a fluke, a freak accident and nothing more but an equivalent of a one night stand or a hole-in-one golf shot. And to discredit that night even more, I’m pretty sure I mixed that Glenlivet with Coke.

Perhaps my point is that I had been an “uneducated” drinker who drinks for reasons other than taste – although there’s really nothing wrong with people who assume that alcohol is alcohol and drink primarily for the feel good effects. Some even do it to gain a temporary boost of confidence during a social event and some order an alcoholic drink simply because they are thirsty. There is no written law that states you have to know the process and history of your beverage. In fact it’s much more normal to be unaware because the majority of people do not know what they are drinking anyway.

So if you enjoy drinking (alcohol) but don’t know much about whisky or are just indifferent about it, you still ought to attend one of our whisky society events. We’re still fun, normal, social people who enjoy tasting whisky. The same way others enjoy sipping wine – except that wine drinkers are rich, pretentious snobs that only drink wine because they are emotionally heartbroken. (I’m just kidding…) The bottom line is that whisky drinkers are just cooler than wine drinkers.

Besides, I’ve discovered that people who are willing to step out of their “cocktail” comfort zone and try other brands or types of whisky become intrigued by the variety out there and eventually they develop a fascination for it. I can speak on behalf of myself and members of our club. Again, welcome to the Whisky Society of Manila and feel free to join our facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/whiskysocietyph/

– Erik

The SingleMalt Team

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