Dewar’s Signature Night – New World Manila Bay Hotel –

Dewar’s Signature Night – New World Manila Bay Hotel


Last week I was privileged to be invited into the Grand Cru Wines & Spirits Appreciation “Dewars Signature Night” which took place in the New World Manila Bay Hotel (Old Hyatt). A special thank you to Mr. Rudy Ngo of Liquor Kingdom for welcoming my wife and I to this exclusive event. It’s her first time attending a sponsored tasting of this kind and she definitely enjoyed the good company and VIP experience.


The night started with free flowing whisky already as early birds gathered around the minibar setup across the dining area. We were greeted by two Dewar’s lady representatives who eagerly offered us drinks. With each bottle retailing at over $200, you’d initially expect small “tasting size” portions for each guest but boy was I wrong. Right from the moment you walked in, guests were provided with a beautifully designed Dewar’s tumbler to be their vessel for the night and we were encouraged to pour as we pleased and to drink our hearts out.


I had mine neat as this is my first time trying Dewar’s Signature and had been anticipating this moment since the week before. I only wish I had a Glencairn glass with me so I could have gotten a more proper nosing but I’m not yet the type of person to carry a glass around everywhere I go.


My first impression is that this is a very special and expensive bottle because it comes in a classy, mahogany-type box, velvet feel on the inside and a leaflet on the site. The bottle shape is different from your Dewar’s White Label, 12 or 18 and it appears to be the same type of bottles that they use for Aberfeldy. The design is simple, yet elegant and has Mr. John Dewar’s signature on the front and thick glass bottom with engraving. The stopper comes with a natural cork and wooden cap and goes well with the overall beautiful design. Also noted is that each bottle has its own unique serial number and stamp. The Dewar’s Signature definitely makes a perfect gift for special occasions – a reminder especially with Christmas just around the corner.

As for the whisky itself, it has a wonderful dark amber color, typical of older aged whisky. I assume that coloring may also be added for additional consistency but older whiskies are expected to be darker to give the impression of a fuller bodied rich flavor as opposed to younger whiskies that are profiled to be lighter, softer and more delicate. In the Dewar’s Signature’s case, I soon discovered this to be true as this dram doesn’t disappoint on the palate.

Nose – mellow and fruity, very light and elegant, a bit of sherry. alcohol is not overpowering.

Palate – mild on tongue, swallow intense spiciness and oakiness. vanilla, nuts and honey. caramel

Finish – not very long, smooth, creamy

This is an easy drink, yet it has more complexity flavors than other blends. I took the time to let it sit on my tongue and enjoyed the smooth and velvety texture with oaky finish. After my first glass, I had a 2nd one with a dash of water but I came to conclude that this drink was good enough neat as is.

Once the program started, dinner was served. The Hong Kong chefs from Li Li prepared a delectable Cantonese cuisine for about 100 guests and our feast was highlighted by fresh abalone and crab. This is not your typical whisky pairing dinner but nevertheless, delicious Chinese cuisine.



The night capped off with more whisky, singing and mingling. I had the chance to speak to Mr. Ito Zamora, Trade Marketing Manager of Bacardi Philippines and Mr. Bobby Campos, Commercial Manager of Bacardi Philippines and we discussed a possible future tasting event for the whisky society.



The SingleMalt Team

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