New Whiskies to Try for 2021 –

New Whiskies to Try for 2021

It’s the start of another amazing year and we’re ready to give you memorable whisky experiences!

They say that an amazing adventure begins with a single step.. For us, an amazing adventure begins with a single sip! So.. for 2021, why not get out of your comfort zone and try out new whiskies that you haven’t had before?

We prepared New Whiskies for you to try out. Whether you’re a beginner, a connoisseur, a hoarder, or someone who just wants to sip some single malt for a reasonable price, we have something for you to try!

Teeling Brabazon Series 3: An Interesting  Find

Fan of whisky AND wine? Try the Teeling Brabazon Series 3 Irish Whiskey!

Teeling Whiskey have worked with a Family Winery known for their over 300 years specialization in the Pedro Ximénez grape. They sourced the Pedro Ximenez casks and filled those with special single malt.

They limited the  Brabazon Series 3  to 10,000 bottles and bottled at 49.5% with no chill filtration.

Truly an interesting Irish Whiskey to try this 2021!


Aberfeldy 16: Bang for the Buck HIGH QUALITY whisky

If you’re looking for some quality dram for your daily whisky sips, we have an AMAZING recommendation for you.

The Aberfeldy 16 is an award-winning highland single malt scotch whisky. This bottle has made its way to global fame due to its rich and malty characteristics.

Click here to get the Aberfeldy 16


West Cork 12 Year old Rum Cask: For Your Daily Sips

This bottle is for those of you who are looking for a new whisky to sip on daily.

The West Cork Rum Cask is a Single Malt Irish Whiskey patiently matured in first fill Bourbon casks and finished in Consorcio Licorero Nacional rum casks.

With it being non chill filtered, expect a smooth and balanced dram that’s perfect to cap off a productive day.

Click here to get the West Cork Rum Cask

Mortlach 16 Year Old Distillers Dram: A Classy Pick

Bet many of you haven’t tried this bottle before!

The Mortlach 16 Year Old Distillers Dram is a classic option for those of you who want to experience quality whisky that is not yet fully available in stores nationwide.

This 16 year old multi award winning bottle is known for its sweet and intense characteristics. Definitely worth trying ASAP!

Click here to get the Mortlach 16 Year Old Distillers Dram


Tamnavulin Sherry Cask: A Sherried Explosion

Any sherry fans here?

The Tamnavulin Sherry Cask is a one of a kind bottle from the Tamnavulin distillery that was finished in not just one, not even two, but THREE different kinds of sherry casks. It was also matured in American Oak casks which gives it a unique character.

You know the sherry hype with whiskies can get pretty expensive.. but we promise.. this one won’t break the bank!

Click here to get the Tamnavulin Sherry Cask


Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve: A New Addition for your Collection

Here’s something new!

The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve was launched in the Philippines less than 2 years ago (We can still remember the launch event we had for it).

This bottle was made as a tribute to the visionary and decorated Hero Captain Bill Smith Grant who took over the distillery during  the introduction of the Prohibition in the US, followed by the Great Depression. He persevered and the rest is history.

Definitely a bottle that’s worthy of a spot on your whisky collection.

Click here to shop the Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve


Royal Brackla 18 Year Old Sherry Cask Finish: A New whisky staple

This is the year to go out of your comfort zone and try brands that you haven’t tried before!

With the whisky hype just starting in the Philippines, there are tons of world renowned brands that the market doesn’t know yet.. One example is Royal Brackla.

The Royal Brackla 18 Year old Sherry Cask finish is matured in Palo Cortado Sherry Casks sourced directly from Spain to ensure an opulent outcome for a noble drink.

If you want to know why Royal Brackla is known as the whisky “fit for a king,” try this bottle today!

Click here to buy the Royal Brackla 18 Year old Sherry Cask finish


The Johnnie Walker Icons: A Collector’s Bundle

This is the year to go out of your comfort zone and try brands that you haven’t tried before!

Johnnie Walker is celebrating their 200th year and they released special Icon bottles specifically for this special event.

The classic rich and complex Johnnie Walker Black Label, The crowd favorite Johnnie Walker Gold Label, and the refreshing Johnnie Walker Red Label 1 liter bottles were given the most amazing make overs worthy for a 2nd century celebration.

Click here to get this Iconic Collector’s Bundle


Chivas Extra 13 Year Old Bundle – Sherry & Bourbon: A world of extra rich flavors

Get the best of both worlds with the Chivas 13 Extra Bundle!

One of the Chivas Extra 13 blended Scotch whisky was aged in strictly selected Oloroso sherry casks for  an incomparable taste experience.

The other Chivas Extra 13 blended Scotch whisky was made as an homage to when Chivas Regal first landed on the American shoreline in 1909 and took New York by storm. These were matured in strictly selected American Rye casks.. what a combo!

Click here to get the Chivas 13 Extra Bundle


Saw anything you like?

If you want more, we’ve got more bottles for you to try this 2021. We add more bottles monthly and you’re in for a treat with every single one of them.

Click here for new arrivals!

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